Re: [load balancing] Implementation of an Alteon L4 switch

From: Steve Phillips (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 18:47:41 EDT

there is a lot of other things we will be useing the alteon for, however,
this is the begining of the implementation, yes, i realise we can do
simple port redirection with another box and some free software, however
this would then need to be swapped out when we decided to do some of the
more advanced things that some free software wont be able to do (layer 7
web redirection/load balanceing as well as GLSB, location based load
balanceing and standard load balanceing)

the other thing of note is the support side, while free software is all
well and good, it doesnt tend to come with the levels of support a
commercial product carries with it. Why e-mail this list and troll for
free support now you may ask ? currently we dont have the box, and i am
after ideas due to the fact that once this thing arrives (provided we can
get it in time) i will probably only have a week to implement the solution
including test time, I would prefer to start playing with ideas now than
when the box arrives, and yeah, i will more than likely be spending a lot
of time on the phone to the states discussing the setup with a commercial
support team if i cant arrive at a solution myself which i cant do with
products such as IPfilter and the free BSD type OS's

so, to answer the question :)

a) we intend to use it for more than simple redirection
b) we need the commercial support option to make the implementation a
   "viable" solution (for management ease of mind if nothing else)
c) it needs to be implemented quickly with virtually no time for testing
d) the Alteon has pretty lights and is a pretty colour
e) it sounds cool to say "I have an Alteon"

now.. has anyone actually done the port redirection thing as follows.. ?

                                 SMTP server
---------------- | Port 25
| | | |-------/
| dialup pools |----| Alteon |-----------------------| Rest of internet
| | | |-------\
---------------- | Port 110
                                     | (somewhere else in the world)
                                 POP3 Server


On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Dan Debertin wrote:

> I am not answering your question, Steve, so if you want to hit 'D' right > now, I won't blame you. > > I am continually surprised at the ease with which network > design/implementation folk shell out wads of cash for special-purpose > boxes, which could be easily replaced by much cheaper solutions. While I > support (and use) single-purpose machines for such complex tasks as load > balancing (we use Foundry), if you're looking at something simple like > port redirection, that could be easily done with a low-cost (but not too > cheap) Intel box running one of the free BSD OSes. No add-on software, no > closed hardware that costs thousands to replace. > > I mean no disrespect, but port redirection is a terribly simple thing to > spend that much money on. > > ~Dan D. > -- > __________________________________________________________________ > Rarefied without Reason > > ++ Dan Debertin > ++ Senior Systems Administrator > ++ Bitstream Underground, LLC > ++ > ++ (612)321-9290 > > > > > >

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