[load balancing] Implementation of an Alteon L4 switch

From: Steve Phillips (steveIZZATnz.asiaonline.net)
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 17:40:53 EDT

Hiyas people,

We are looking at deploying an alteon AceDirector 3 here to splice out POP
traffic from SMTP and redirect it to a different server.

basicly, what is happening is all our POP mail is being housed on a remote
system where previously it was stored on the same system that was doing

our idea was to use the redirection capabilities of the L4 Alteon to
capture every incoming dialup user request for port 110 and redirect it to
the new POP server and capture all incoming port 25 requests and redirect
these to the SMTP server.

the POP server will be housed at a different geographic location and hence
will not be on the same subnet (if this makes a difference)

what i was wondering was whether anyone out there has done this before and
if anyone be able to show me a basic config/setup which would enable this

if you need more information about the setup then let me know what you
need and I'll busily create some extensive diagrams for you :)

Thanks in advance,


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