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Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 16:34:07 EDT

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> These are all the products that I know offer GSLB solutions (usually
> coupeled with their local SLB offerings in some manner)
> Alteon

now (v8.x) does both (dns *and* bgp (/cfg/ip/bgp/peer/vip enable))

> Arrowpoint/Cisco

working to provide functionality similar to distributed director's
drp server consultations (which should be easy for them now :)

> Cisco (Distributed Director)
> F5 (3DNS)
> Foundry Networks (uses BGP)

now also delivers a dns based solution, ~a dns proxy.

> RadWare (some funky triangulation and redirection)

has three: dns, http redirects and triangle data flows.

> HydraWEB
> CoyoteePoint (very inexpensive)

to my knowledge, srv records form rfc2052 are not used anywhere.
but it's also a potential solution.

again, i'd rather differentiate available solution not by vendors
but by functionality (with vendors in braces). then we'd end up with
only three, functionally distinct techniques: dns based, route injection
and triangle flows plus a number of variations.

we hope to upload our draft including description of all of the
varieties above + our new technique by the next ietf meeting (which
is in two weeks).



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