[load balancing] Load balancing http with hash

From: WIPRO Omkar Dubay (WIPRO_OMKARIZZATdm.gov.ae)
Date: Sun Dec 29 2002 - 07:17:01 EST

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    Iam using Alteon Ad3 Web OS version 10.x for Load balancing my web servers.
    iam running 2 instances of web server on a single web server on 2 different
    ports. and it has been configured to load balance with metric HASH.


    Server1 = WS1 and WS2
    Server2 = WS1 and WS2 (were WS1 and WS2 are two instances of web server
    running on different ports.

    If is see the stastics and log files of Websever i c 95% all the traffic is
    going to Server2.

    I have configured both the instances of the web server in a single group.
    and hash parameter in the filter was checked for both auto and dip but no

    Any clue waht could be the problem.


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