RES: [load balancing] NO SLB in DAM mode.

From: Claudio Rosa (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 18:32:57 EST

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    NO SLB in DAM mode.Hi Johnson,

    What is your WebOS version?

    With DAM the server process will only happen if the Alteon that treat the
    packet when it arrive from the client(client process), it receive back the
    packets when they are returning from the real server. When the DAM is
    disable the server process will happen regardless(if you configured SLB ...
    :-) )

    A example of problem: in a two Alteons Active-Backup VRRP configuration
    when the packets arrive in the active Alteon and they return across the
    Backup(the default-gateway are sending to the backup Alteon). This
    configuration will work fine with DAM disable and it won´t with DAM enable.

    With DAM, the Alteon will inspect the session table before it do the server
    process. If the Alteon don´t find the session(it is opened when the packet
    arrive in the client port), it won´t do the server process and the packet
    will be routed to default-gateway without the change of source IP(RIP ->

    You only have to work with DAM enable for some situations. Why are you
    planning to work with DAM?

    Cláudio Rosa
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      Hi Folks,

      With SLB enabled on the Alteon Switch, we want to be able to access the
    servers with rip and vip address.
      I configure basic SLB on Alteon for https services and it works without
    DAM enable.
      If DAM is enable, the SLB does not function.

      I would appreciate your support.



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