[load balancing] Sticky MySQL db connections through a Foundry ServerIron XL

From: Gerry Landsem <gerry.landsem [izzat] gmail.com>
Date: Thu Nov 29 2007 - 20:45:49 EST


I have a pair of Foundry ServerIron XL devices in a Symmetric SLB
setup for three VIPs; cache, www and db.

My cache servers do SSL termination.

My www servers run a web application that allows the user to do enter,
edit and delete rows in a database.

My db servers are running MySQL 5 with statement based replication.
It's supposed to have sub-second replication (I'm running the
replication over a dedicated gigabit ethernet) but sometimes users hit
the webservers twice pretty fast and see out-of-date data, I suspect
it gets just a second or two behind once in a while due to massive
updates being made by cronjobs.

So my goal has now become to sticky the users to a database server for
the duration of their login. I have at my disposal cookies, URL
schemes and anything else pretty much, but I don't see how that can
help me mark the MySQL connection from the www server to the DB with
the user's information or how even if I could I could use that in my
ServerIrons to sticky the connection.

I create a new DB connection each time the user hits the www server
but the MySQL user/password does not map onto the user that's logged
into the www application.

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.
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