Re: [load balancing] Alteon AD3 - WebOS 10

From: Oliver Adam <oadam [izzat]>
Date: Mon Nov 26 2007 - 11:01:50 EST

I have not seen any reply to this one... the
statement is a bit unclear BUT I am pretty sure
this is related to the VMA algorithm of the
Alteon box. VMA is some kind of internal
processor selection for a specific source IP. The
problem here is that the distribution is as well
depending on the destination port of a request.
Some more details and some snapshots of the
session table should sched some light on the issue.

R, Oliver

  At 17:41 12.11.2007, Marco Supino wrote:
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>I have a strange situation with the Alteon, I am
>load balancing several services,
>I have two real servers, in the same group, and
>a virt, lets say its IP is , this virt
>has HTTPS and SMTP, to the group of the two real’s.
>When I access from each of the real servers to
>port 443 to , then each one access’s
>the other REAL server, so the port opens,
>For SMTP , this does not happen, one will be
>able to access the other, but the one which is
>currently accessible from the other, will not be
>accessible for himself, (hope it makes sense),
>I couldn’t find any config differences in the
>virt setup, and the real are the same, except for the real IP address…
>Any ideas ?
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