Re: [load balancing] Alteon 2208 & ERS8600 with IST

From: Oliver Adam <oadam [izzat]>
Date: Wed Oct 31 2007 - 08:35:42 EDT

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>Not sure whether this is a load-balancer problem, but…
>We use the following configuration:
>Two Nortel 8610's connected by a two-fiber MLT, running version
>VLANs 7, 15, 32, 200 span across the two 8610s.
>A load balancer model 2208 (running OS Version
> A single data port of the 2208 is
>connected to 8610-1. This port is defined as
>tagged, belongs to VLANs 7, 15, 32, 200 and is
>serving both SLB client and server requests.
>A single management port of the 2208 is also connected to 8610-1, on VLAN 200.
>All works well under the above conditions.
>In future, we plan to connect a second 2208 data
>port to 8610-2 and run the 2208 in SMLT mode.
>We run into problems when we change the 8600
>configuration from MLT to IST. (Still using only a single 2208 data port).
>The problem is manifested, to use one example,
>by 8610-1 not being able to ping 8610-2.
>Checking the ARP table of 8610-1, the IP and MAC
>addresses of 8610-2 point to the 2208 data port
>location (instead of the IST port). When the
>2208 data port is disconnected, the ARP table
>changes to the correct position (points to an
>IST port) and the ping resumes. When the 2208 is
>reconnected, the same phenomena recurs.
>When the 8610s change back from IST to MLT
>configuration, the problem disappears and everything returns to normal.
>This is a bit of an enigma - 2208 configuration
>does not change between the MLT and IST modes.
>Still, the problem occurs only under IST. Any idea how to trouble shoot this ?
>Eli Gal
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