Re: [load balancing] Alteon 2208 & ERS8600 with IST

From: Oliver Adam <oadam [izzat]>
Date: Wed Oct 31 2007 - 05:58:04 EDT

Check the submac config things on the Alteon...
the Alteon does not replace the client MAC address by default...

BANG BOOM BANG... MAC seen behind the Alteon port and you have problems.

/cfg/slb/adv/submac e

if I remember correctly.

R, Oliver

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>Not sure whether this is a load-balancer problem, but…
>We use the following configuration:
>Two Nortel 8610's connected by a two-fiber MLT, running version
>VLANs 7, 15, 32, 200 span across the two 8610s.
>A load balancer model 2208 (running OS Version
> A single data port of the 2208 is
>connected to 8610-1. This port is defined as
>tagged, belongs to VLANs 7, 15, 32, 200 and is
>serving both SLB client and server requests.
>A single management port of the 2208 is also connected to 8610-1, on VLAN 200.
>All works well under the above conditions.
>In future, we plan to connect a second 2208 data
>port to 8610-2 and run the 2208 in SMLT mode.
>We run into problems when we change the 8600
>configuration from MLT to IST. (Still using only a single 2208 data port).
>The problem is manifested, to use one example,
>by 8610-1 not being able to ping 8610-2.
>Checking the ARP table of 8610-1, the IP and MAC
>addresses of 8610-2 point to the 2208 data port
>location (instead of the IST port). When the
>2208 data port is disconnected, the ARP table
>changes to the correct position (points to an
>IST port) and the ping resumes. When the 2208 is
>reconnected, the same phenomena recurs.
>When the 8610s change back from IST to MLT
>configuration, the problem disappears and everything returns to normal.
>This is a bit of an enigma - 2208 configuration
>does not change between the MLT and IST modes.
>Still, the problem occurs only under IST. Any idea how to trouble shoot this ?
>Eli Gal
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