RE: [load balancing] Suggest me an SSL accelerator (offloader)

From: Frank Yue <>
Date: Wed Nov 02 2005 - 15:10:43 EST

Since other vendors have thrown their 2 cents in, I'll add a couple more.
Foundry has a dedicated SSL termination/http compression box in the
ServerIron SA. We have boxes that got from 200TPS to 11000TPS.
Realistically, I would be very surprised if there was any individual
customer that ever needed more than 5000TPS today and that would be on the
high-end. Just as important is the number of concurrent SSL connections the
box supports. The ServerIron SA supports 64000.

In addition, there is a SSL termination module that will be released in the
next couple months for the ServerIron chassis products. This includes the
SI-400, SI-800, SI-450, SI-850, SI-GTE series and SI-GTC series. These
modules support from 2000 to 4000 TPS and 64000 concurrent sessions. One
nice aspect to these modules is that they do not impact the performance of
other features turned on in the box. The Foundry ASICs can distinguish the
SSL terminated traffic from the L4/7 load balanced traffic and the L2/3
switched/routed traffic.

Anyways, do your own due diligence and find the product that is right for

-Frank Yue
Sales Engineer

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Subject: [load balancing] Suggest me an SSL accelerator (offloader)

I am looking for a good SSL offloader appliance. I am using currently
AlteonISD410 and with 60-65 Mbit/sec traffic they hit 100% CPU (2 of them
are in cluster). Now I need much more powerfull box with high TPS. Radware
seems very good with 16000 TPS and 8000 TPS. And also it does compression,
that is also something we would like to use on the same box.

Iwill appreciate your experiences with SSLoffloader as well as

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