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    RE: [load balancing] SLB - SSL Accelerator - Web I/O Accelerator evaluationDiana,
    is it possible to do transparent proxy configuration with "one-armed" setup when the device doesn't do NAT or other address translations techniques? I mean i faced this issue with other brand LBS when transparent proxy was fine but wasn't very usable because i had only one leg on the LB connected to the internal network while NAT was made by FW and therefore i couldn't have any real clients IP with HTTPS sessions. Is it possible with your product?
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      Hi TD,

      Did you examine Radware's product line?

      Radware has a very large install base around the world.
      Radware has a unique hardware SSL accelerator device called CertainT 100.
      CertainT 100 in addition to being the strongest SSL accelerator in the market (the CertainT 100 L4 supports up to 7,000 TPS), can also act as a transaction accelerator using its built in software and hardware compression capabilities.

      In addition to supporting compression, we also support HTTP/S connection multiplexing which greatly helps improve server performance.

      CertainT 100 can work as a transparent proxy, meaning it maintains the client's original IP in the request it passes to the backend server. It can also work as a non-transparent server, meaning it approaches the backend server with its own IP address as the source IP of the request, in this operation mode we pass the client's IP address in the HTTP headers.

      A bit about CertainT 100 feature set -

        a.. Performance - 7000 TPS when performing SSL acceleration
        b.. Can either work as a transparent or non-transparent Proxy
        c.. Supports Backend encryption
        d.. Software and Hardware Compression
        e.. The ability to pass HTTP headers to the backend server
        f.. Comprehensive logging and statistics
        g.. Can be managed either via CLI (console and SSH) or secure WBM
        h.. Can work as an out-of-path SSL Sniffing device, meaning it receives SSL traffic decrypts it and then sends the decrypted SSL traffic to any IDS system.

      Combined with Radware's WSD (Web Server Director) we provide a strong scalable SLB+SSL+Application Security and DoS protection. WSD supports a wide range of global server load balancing which allows to have a global solution which incorporates SLB and SSL acceleration.

      For more detailed information, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

      With best regards

      Diana Castro
      Radware Ltd.
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      Fax.: +972-3-648 8662
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