RE: [load balancing] SLB - SSL Accelerator - Web I/O Accelerator evaluation

From: Marco Bérubé (
Date: Mon Nov 24 2003 - 14:22:16 EST

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    Do you absolutely need to run SLB and SSL on the same devices?
    From my point of view, the best way to go is to use two different products for the SLB and the SSL functionality. I'm using two BigIP 2400 with two SonicWall SSL-R6 offloaders. That way, you have the best SLB and SSL flexibility and scalability.
    My two cents,
    Marco Berube
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    Just want to be fair, below is the link to the test on the cisco CSS/CSM product.
    Interesting though, it is from the same company that tested the F5 products. (On my previous post)
    T Do <> wrote:
            Hi All,
            I'm currently looking for a SLB / SSL Accelerator with perhaps some Web I/O acceleration. I have gathered information from different vendors products:
            1. F5 - BigIP 5100/2400
            2. Redlines
            3. Ingrian I220
            4. Cisco CSS1150x with SSL Accelerator module
            Based on the information obtained from this forum, it seems that:
            1. There is a huge F5 and Alteon user based.
            2. F5 is an exelent SLB /SSL Accelerator
            3. Cisco CSS seems to be out there but it does not stand out in the crowd
            Following is my impression on different vendor's products:
            1. F5: Excellent SLB. Flexible in deployement due many configuration options available. No Modular expansion (SSL, Interface)
            2. Redlines: Good overall since it provides Web I/O acceleration, SSL Acceleration and some SLB capabilities.
            3. Ingrian: Some SLB capabilities, excellent in providing SSL Acceleration, Cookie protection and back end database encryption. It also provides an option to do Compression and caching of HTML traffic.
            4. Cisco CSS: Modular design with SSL Accelerator module (800TPS/mod), Interface Module (2G, 16E or 8E port), session acceleration module. It also supports session state failover. Good SLB.
            The cisco CSS seems to be a good fit where expandability is important. However, I have read a report from F5 in which, cisco CSS seems not to perform as well comparing to other products. Well, this may be biased in some way though.
            Any information on the above vendors (especially F5 and Cisco CSS) would be greately appreciated.
            Thanks in advance

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