[load balancing] alteon session loss

From: Alex Moore (almooreIZZATverio.net)
Date: Fri Nov 14 2003 - 05:48:50 EST

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    I have a problem whereby sessions are clearly being lost. I was
    wondering if someone could assist.

    The setup is two Alteon AceDirector3 running

    A VSR VIP load balances 3 servers using the 'hash' metric.

    Temporary cookie inserts are also configured.

    What I have seen is:

    User connects...based on IP they reach the correct server (verified by
    client IP and /info/slb/idshash)...server 1.

    They then later send a request with a cookie for server 1 (verified by
    /info/slb/cookie), but they are passed to server 3.

    I also see a user connects and based on their IP they should reach
    server 3, but instead they reach server 1. When they reconnect they
    present an Alteon cookie that says server 3 and their IP also says
    server 3 again.

    And several other variations of the above two. A common feature is that
    many clients are coming from AOL (though not all) which I realise does
    have changing IPs, however the cookie insert is supposed to fix this.

    There are NO real server failovers or VRRP failovers logged.

    The stats list:

    HTTP header loadbalance stats:
    'Cookie' Hits: 21505110
    'Cookie' Misses: 1774718
    'Cookie' Inserts: 1840428
    Total 'Cookie' Sessions: 23279828

    With very few health check failures in the total uptime of the platform,
    why are there so many 'Cookie' Misses?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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