[load balancing] F5 OneConnect, Keep-Alive

From: lbIZZATrealtime360.com
Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 13:28:44 EST

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    Does anyone have information on F5's OneConnect and how to successfully enable
    the feature?

    Currently we are running BIG-IP Kernel 4.2PTF-09 Build34 and by default
    OneConnect is enabled, but we cannot get our pages to successfully load in this
    mode. If we don't set no_http_one_connect = 1, partial pages will load, but the
    browser appears to hang. All the documentation I read about OneConnect make it
    sound like a great feature, even increasing page loads by 20% but our
    application will not fully load a page with it enabled.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful information.
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