RE: [load balancing] L3 capable load balancers?

From: Andrew Fort (
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 19:55:19 EST

> many L4 switches provide this mechanism - they just all call
> it something
> different

good, the main thing is that I dont want to cable the servers to the load
balancer directly. basically I want a 802.1q trunk/etherchannel trunk going
to the load-balancer(s), and that's it.

my virtual IPs need to be on different subnets, however the real servers
will be L2 adjacent to the virtual IP (since it's in the same VLAN/subnet),
so the switch must be able to answer ARP and write packets for multiple
subnets/VLANs (the Foundry can do everything I need, except this).

I'm looking at the Alteon's again, any other recommendations? Does the
Arrowpoint do this type of topology I desire, and is it a smart thing to
purchase an Arrowpoint CSS at this point in time anyhow? (with the
assimilation and all :)


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