Re: [load balancing] Infos requested about Foundry's ServerIron

From: Oliver Adam <oadam [izzat]>
Date: Mon Oct 27 2008 - 10:22:32 EDT

See inline.
At 00:43 25.10.2008, Xavier Beaudouin wrote:
>Le 24 oct. 08 à 21:21, Surya ARBY a écrit :
>>I'm looking for advices/opinions about Foundry's ServerIron product
>>line. I read all the datasheets/whitepapers on their website, and as
>>I understand it's not an "all-in-one" box (no caching, limited
>>compression computed in software) but a pure L4-L7 ASIC/FPGA-based
>>load balancer.
>I have used a lot ServerIron XL :)

The XL is a pretty old products. Later products
(starting with the ServerIron 4G as entry level
unit) are still pretty stable and offer a lot more features.

>>Any feedback for the hardware/software reliability and the user
>>experience of the GUI ? I'm really interested in the L7 capabilities
>>(content switching, http related stuff like header / body rewrite)
>>and NAT features (client NAT - Reverse NAT for outbound connections).
>I have never use web GUI... I trust a lot command line.

Foundry introduced a new GUI a few releases ago.
The GUI is pretty nice and easy to use. It is
fast but I still tend to use the CLI because I do know it since a long time.

>In term of stability : rock solid.


>In term of NAT feature... it depends... on ServerIron XL... I allways
>used DR (direct routing) because it is faster and give full bandwith
>using the switch feature...
>Nat on this material mostly is unusable on ServerIron XL... so it
>sucks... But there is exceptions.

You do have source NAT (client NAT), destination
NAT (needed for SLB), reverse NAT (to hide server behind virtual server IPs),
static and dynamic NAT. The docs of later units
are much better than the XL docs.

>Content switching on XL series works well as I used (cookie
>switching / some part of html switching) and fast without pain.

URL switching, cookie switching, URL rewriting,
reply rewriting, HTTP redirection, header based
load balancing and so on are available.

>>As I don't have support contract with Foundry by now (it's necessary
>>to have access to the documentation), some feedback from system
>>integrators/customers will be really appreciated.
>Since your are french, go to
>mailing list and for more



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