Re: [load balancing] NTP on F5 gear

From: Hamish Marson (
Date: Thu Oct 17 2002 - 16:45:25 EDT

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    Dan O'Neill wrote:

    >Hi there,
    >I want to schedule ntpdate to run once a day on my bigip/3dns boxes but when
    >I run ntpdate it complains that the ntp socket is in use. I guess I could
    >just disable ntp and run with ntpdate only but I'm interested in hearing how
    >others might be using ntpdate in conjunction with ntpd on their F5
    >Thanks in advance,

    Why on earth would you want to run ntpdate when ntpd is running? The
    whole idea of ntpd is to keep the time in sync. Continuously. When it's
    working properly, the time will be within ms of the timeserver yoyu're
    syncing with.

    ntpdate on the other hand is usually run at boot time, just in case your
    hardware clock has been out by more than about 20 minutes (Which is
    usually the biggest difference ntpd will drift from).

    Forget ntpdate. At least forget using it this way...

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