RE: [load balancing] keeping load balancers separate

From: Titus, Tim (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 12:10:54 EST

Just a small note on the Alteon firmware: If you upgrade to v8.x of their
WebOS, you'll lose the neat cycling LEDs on the front of the unit!

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Subject: Re: [load balancing] keeping load balancers seperate

On Tue, 31 Oct 2000, tony bourke <> wrote:

> I often employ ArrowPoints or Alteons for load balancing. While they are
> switches, I usually employ them as appliances, using only one or two
> ports, depending on the configuration.

Same. I hope someone is listening and creating a 2 port ASIC-based
gigE LB -- basically the ASIC version of the BigIP. Put it between your
L2 switch and router and smile.

As far as convenience, I'd like to have an all-in-one unit (and would
have bought a LB chassis-based unit, except the per-port cost is so much
higher than L2 aggregation switches).

The major advantage of having L2 switch -> LB -> router is that one can have
multiple LBs for redundancy/failover. For us that's not really
necessary, as we have multiple distinct LBs/clusters in each POP (and 2
POPs), so taking an LB down doesn't affect our ability to serve needed

We haven't needed to upgrade the LB firmware yet (our Alteon install is
only about 5 mo old). I think Alteon has a newer release but we haven't
needed new functionality yet.



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