[load balancing] VRRP

From: Hwee Khoon, Neo (hweekhoon.neoIZZATpacific.net.sg)
Date: Tue Sep 28 2004 - 04:56:51 EDT

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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to setup Active-Standby VRRP between 2 Alteon AD2424. On my
    Master switch, I've set the Virtual Router IP address to be the same as the
    one used by one of it's IP interface.

    According to the Alteon OS 21.0 Command Reference, page 250, this would
    cause the priority for this virtual router to be 255 (highest). But from the
    readings below, the prio remains at 100.

    Am I missing out anything?



    >> Configuration# /cfg/l3/vrrp/cur
    Current VRRP settings: ON, hotstan disabled
    Current VRRP hold off time: 0

    Current VRRP Tracking settings:
       vrs 2, ifs 2, ports 2, l4pts 2, reals 2, hsrp 10 hsrv 10

    Current VRRP Virtual Router Group:
        vrid 1, if 1, prio 100, adver 1
        disabled, preem enabled, share enabled
        track nothing

    Current VRRP virtual router settings:
      1: vrid 1, X.X.92.252, if 1, prio 100, adver 1, vrgroup 0
        enabled, preem enabled, share disabled
        track nothing

    Current virtual router vrgroup settings:

    >> Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol#

    >> Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol# /cfg/l3/if 1/cur
    Current interface 1:
      X.X.92.252 X.X.92.255, vlan 1, enabled

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