RE: [load balancing] Alteon AD3 and SSL and 3rd party payment gateways

From: Edward Lim (
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 13:25:46 EDT

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    This is a scenario what our client is facing:

          1) Our client needs to LB 2 app/web server. Let's call them
          server A and B.
          2) For instance, user1 access and is loadbalanced into
          3) When a user wants to confirm a booking, httpS/SSL will be
          activated. (verisign commercial CA) to protect credit card info.

          4) server A will then establish ANOTHER https session by calling a
          third party site (citibank payment gateway) to process the
          credit card.

          4) Citibank will reply by accessing:
 if its successful
 if it failed

          5) The problem is if the AD3 or any other LBs
           are intelligent enough to LB or
          stick back to
          server A since it is a seperate session and is called from
          within the firewall/internal network?

          6) I know stickyness/persistence can be applied to user->site
          scenarios. but now that the webserver is calling an external
          site, does stickiness work in the opposite direction?

          7) If the Alteon alone cannot do it, do we need an isd-ssl accel?

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