[load balancing] BigIP5000 ntpd won't sync the time...

From: Hamish Marson (hamishIZZATtravellingkiwi.com)
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 10:02:51 EDT

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    I'm running several bigip5000 boxes with 4.2ptf04 on them. ntpd is
    running and ntpq -p shows that it is picking up the servers from
    ntp.conf, and we can see traffic going back & forth between the bigip &
    the time server, and we can see (With ntpq -p) that we're getting the
    time from the servers, and that they are stratum 2 & we're 621 seconds
    out of sync with them...


    The time is never adjusted... We were 500 seconds apart from them
    yesterday... And today we're another 120 seconds further adrift... And
    it never stops... Within a fortnight we're 30 minutes out... Also ntpq
    -p shows the reach value at 377 and it never updates. In fact it STARTS
    with a reach value of 377...

    Why doesn't ntp work on the F5's? Has anyone else had problems? I
    haven't found anything on f5's askf5 site...


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