[load balancing] dsr and cisco css11150

From: Ben OShea (benIZZATserver101.com)
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 20:01:07 EDT

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    Hi, i just noticed this message while browsing the list archives...

    > Was wondering what specific products implemented this.

    Direct Server Return supporting vendors:

    Radware (i forget what they call it), Intel, Alteon, Foundry (calls it
    SwitchBack sometimes), F5 BIG-IP (they call it nPath)

    Those are the ones I know of


    > Michael

    is this to say that DSR is _NOT_ supported on the cisco css (ex arrowpoint)
    range of products?

    if someone could clarify this for me it'd be great as i was about to attempt
    configuring DSR with 2 css 11150's but if its not a supported feature i wont
    waste my time..


    Ben O'Shea
    Systems Administrator
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