[load balancing] web based tool for vip management?

From: Jan Koum (naj+lbIZZATyahoo-inc.com)
Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 12:56:21 EDT

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    hello folks,

    before i ask a question, i'd like to introduce myself. i work at yahoo in
    the operations group, which also manages vips. we mostly use alteons, but
    also some foundries. we use DSR mode only. (if you have other questions,
    email me directly)

    right now when an engineers wants to create/change/delete a VIP, they have
    to email people on my team who change the config and tftp it over. this
    doesn't scale very well.

    what i am thinking of doing is writing a tool (probably php+snmp) which
    would let engineers do these tasks on their own. so my questions are:

    o has anyone done anything like this? (via http or command line)
    o is there code out there which i can look at or re-use?

    any ideas/suggestions - send them to me and i can summarize back to the



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