Re: [load balancing] Statefull stickyness

Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 01:08:03 EDT

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    [Disclaimer: I work for NetScaler]

    NetScaler, like most good traffic managers, maintains a sticky table for
    failover purposes. This table has a maximum size of 256K entries. This is also
    not an uncommonly sized table for this type of feature.

    How long will that provide stickiness? Well, that depends on how busy your site
    is. NetScaler can be configured to keep the information for up to 24 hours, but
    if you have more than 256K sessions, the table the older values will be

    With cookie-based persistence, the time period is not dependent on storing
    values on the load balancer, so the time table is at your sole discretion.

    Directory of Technology Development
    NetScaler, Inc.

    On Sat, 31 August 2002, "Johnny Fribert Lauridsen" wrote:

    > Is there any load balancer on the market, that, upon a box-failover, has an
    > intact
    > stickytable?
    > We have one specific application that require 8 hour stickyness. If the
    > load balancer fails,
    > and the other takes over, then the sticky associations are lost - e.g. the
    > end-user might
    > get a different server and loose access to his/her data.
    > Thanks
    > Johnny
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