Re: [load balancing] Alteon 3408 with 21.0.7 code...any issue

From: Brent Van Dussen <>
Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 13:48:01 EDT

There aren't any correlations with a sudden increase in packet-rate going
thru the switch is there perhaps? We have been noticing some attacks in
the 80-100kpps range that drives the CPU to 100% and leaves it there for
the duration of the traffic flow.


At 10:36 PM 7/28/2005, cihan subasi wrote:
>I am running 3408 with 21.0.7 code and seems to me there is something
>slows down the network, and my cpu occasionally hits 100% (mp) during day
>and nigth. Anybody has any issue with 3408s that I should be considering
>to fix. Thanks
>Hava durumunu bizden ÷grenin ve evden ÷yle šikin!
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