[load balancing] Alteon Backup/Overflow configuration question.

From: Tino (tinoIZZATngo.id.au)
Date: Mon Aug 30 2004 - 17:51:14 EDT

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    Hi all,

    We have 2 Web servers configured using the "Backup/Overflow Servers"
    method. This is so that
    Server 2 (real 31) only becomes active if Server 1 (real 30) goes
    down. Config shown below.
    When I did the test, if I shutdown HTTP service on Real 30, Real 31 becomes
    active as expected. However,
    if I disabled Real 30 using "/c/slb/real 30/dis", Real 31 does not kick in.
    Is this behaviour as expected and is there a work around? I am running on Alteon 180E.

    #c/slb/gr 38/cur

    Current real server group 38:
       name , metric leastconns, backup r31, realthr 0
       health http, content /xxx/yyy.htm
       DSR VIP health: enabled
       real servers:
        30: 10.x.x.x, enabled, name , weight 1, timeout 10 mins, maxcon 200000
            backup none, inter 10, retry 3, restr 8
            remote disabled, proxy enabled, submac disabled
            cookie assignment server: disabled
            exclusionary string matching: disabled

    Thank you. Tino

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