[load balancing] Arrowpoint/checkpoint

From: Nicholas Tang (ntangIZZATmail.communityconnect.com)
Date: Fri Aug 31 2001 - 13:40:19 EDT

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    We're using a pair (well, 4 technically, including the slaves) of
    Arrowpoints to load balance 3 Nokia Checkpoint FW-1 appliances. The
    Nokias are working fine, but the AP's aren't doing quite as well.

    I've noticed, by watching the firewall logs, that certain packets will not
    retain their state correctly, i.e., I mean they will go in one firewall
    and come out another firewall. The vast majority of our traffic works,
    but occasionally a specific connection will fail.

    For instance, one of our admins, when trying to ssh into the ssh gateway,
    will consistently go in one firewall and out another one, thus getting
    blocked. For now we've got "fastmode" turned on for all of the services,
    which generally lets us get around that, but I'd like to get it worked

    Is this a known problem with the AP's? We're running 4.01 build 33 I
    believe, and I can provide more specifics if needed. Yes, we're using the
    ip firewall lines and yes, they're matched up correctly. :)



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