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    RE: [load balancing] Server Load Balancing BookI agree fully. I ordered 4 (hard)copies. To my surprise, local tax authorities (via DHL) opened the package, and put some
    extra tax on this. I can live with this, but if you order via the net, be sure you calculate with some extra
    local taxes. From a Danish perspective, this is typically 2.7% in toll and an additional 25% in local tax.!! So, as this book is
    probably also taxed first in the US, that makes it triple-taxation.
    I wonder how they would handle it, if I paid for an electronic copy instead of a hardcopy of the book! They probably cannot, as
    international law on this issue is not mature.
    Just 2c, off-topic
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      A guy's gotta make a living you know. I'm sure a lot of blood sweat and tears (too dramatic?) went into this book. Tony should be compensated.

      Go buy it. I know I will.


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    > how about electronic copy of book...???
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    > > The book goes heavily into the network aspect of load
    > balancing, how they
    > > fit into a given infrastructure (flat-based, NAT-based, route-path,
    > > bridge-path), and also into the terminology, hopefully
    > giving a somewhat
    > > consistent reference for the various products out there.
    > So, did you get to pick the animal on the cover or did the
    > powers that be
    > assign you the animal??

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