[load balancing] Preparing servers for maintaince

From: Settle, Sean (SeanSettleIZZATalliantfs.com)
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 17:25:05 EDT

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    We currently use Foundry ServerIron XL load balancers. We used to use Cisco

    With the local directors we could take a server out of service "sticky" and
    let any existing connections gracefully drop off until there were no outside
    connections and it was OK to work on a system.

    We thought we were doing the same thing with the Foundry by using 'http port
    disable' or 'ssl port disable' but it turns out that we were mistaken.
    Foundry's support group expressed some surprise when we asked them about
    this and told us that they were not aware of any other customer attempting
    to do this.

    Is anybody who is using the Foundry trying to do the same thing? If so how
    are you accomplishing it?

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