RE: [load balancing] F5 Bigip

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Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 22:12:24 EDT

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    Round robin. Didn't think I would have to change the LB algorithm. I
    thought I could simply use one of bigip's several features.

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    Well, what method are you using? If you want a every node to receive an
    even amount of traffic, round robin will do that for you. However,
    round robin will pass traffic to that node whether or not it is
    performing well. Least connections is another method that will
    eventually even out the traffic among the nodes as well...

    - Jay

    Thus spake Riches (

    > I would research this myself but I need this resolved ASAP. Does anyone
    > know how do distribute load evenly to all nodes in a pool. I have a
    > situation where the 1st node in the pool always receives the most traffic.
    > How can I change this behavior to reflect all nodes getting equal amounts
    > of traffic.

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