Re: [load balancing] DNS for DR planning

From: Thomas Obermair <thomas.obermair [izzat]>
Date: Sat Jul 12 2008 - 18:35:43 EDT

Fletcher Cocquyt wrote:
> Hi, Iím aware of distributed DNS solutions for disaster HA - but we are
> in a situation where we are a department which relies on central campus
> services for DNS, kerberos, ntp Ė so in planning our departmentís DR
> site, what options do we have for maintaining our DNS availability (we
> would want most of our 500+ DNS records to shift resolution to the DR
> site IP addresses) should a disaster happen and central campus DNS go
> down.
> Are there practical solutions for this kind of situation?

Hi Fletcher,

you may have a look at this example which implements a load-balanced HA
DNS cluster with Bind9 and BalanceNG where the load balancing software
(BalanceNG) runs on the DNS target servers itself (thus requiring no
additional hardware):

The DNS based GSLB (global server load balancing) feature will probably
released next week which is probably what you are looking for. Please
let me know if you want to be included in the BalanceNG info mailing list.

Feel free to contact me off the list if there are any questions !

Best Regards,

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