Re: [load balancing] [BIGIP] LeastConn with Source IP persistence

From: Wesley Robertson <w.robertson [izzat]>
Date: Sat Jul 29 2006 - 10:05:57 EDT

Look at the client IPs persisted to the loaded servers. They are probably proxies or N:1 NATing firewalls. This is very common for web apps, that is why cookie persistence is more uniquely IDs each client.
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Subject: [load balancing] [BIGIP] LeastConn with Source IP persistence

Hello, all
We are using BIGIP 3400 v9.1.1 to balance HTTP traffic. When using LeastConn, the connections are distributed to each pool member evenly. However, after adding source-IP persistence, the connections (and load) are not balanced. Usually one or two pool members carry 2 times of connection(load) than others. Anybody encounter same problem ? Any suggestion to solve it.
BTW, the number of client IP is more than 3000 IP,and client IPs are consecutive. Persistence is obligatory for our product.
Thanks !
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