Re: [load balancing] Opinions on F5 support

From: Sandy Schilling <sschilling [izzat]>
Date: Fri Jul 21 2006 - 10:57:16 EDT

I have one word for you regarding support with F5: escalate.

I've been an F5 customer for over 5 years at different companies, and I've
found that you'll get the best support on cases opened in the middle of the
night and the worst opened during business hours. Often I've opened cases
during the day and had them all but ignored for days until I call back again
to find out if anyone has looked at it.

I've also felt that they play a lot of games to stall for time. For
example, if you do not include a qkview output for the system and a tarball
of the logs, the first thing they will ask you for (when they get around to
your case) are those things. They now have a list of questions to answer
when you open a case online, which is good, but response time still hasn't
improved all that much.

On the upside, when you do get a good escalation engineer, your problem is
solved quickly or it's identified as a bug and CRs are opened. The
knowledge base is pretty good, and they seem to be making a real effort to
start getting best practices docs included on it, something has been missing
until the last few months. The products are reliable and flexible. To me,
that makes up support deficiencies.

The bottom line is if you ever think you are not getting the support you're
paying for, call and escalate to a support manager, and let your account
manager know, too.


On 7/20/06, Jericho <> wrote:
> Can anyone comment on the quality of F5's support? Going through the
> archives on this list, there were a number of posts that didn't hold
> their tech support in very high regard. I was wondering if any longtime
> F5 customers could comment on whether this has changed or not. We are
> currently evaluating their BigIP 6800 product and would appreciate any
> feedback.
> thanks
> - J
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