[load balancing] FW: Alteon 184 / WebOS 9.0.35

From: Paulo Almeida Antunes (paulo.antunesIZZATdreamware.pt)
Date: Fri Jul 23 2004 - 13:33:03 EDT

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    I'm posting this message just to thank you all for your help.
    I've upgraded the WebOS and it works fine, now.
    Best regards,


    From: Paulo Almeida Antunes [mailto:paulo.antunesIZZATdreamware.pt]
    Sent: quinta-feira, 22 de Julho de 2004 15:34
    To: 'lb-lIZZATvegan.net'
    Subject: Alteon 184 / WebOS 9.0.35

    Hi all,


    I'm trying to setup an alteon 184 load balancer WebOS 9.0.35 with the
    simplest documented configuration (Alteon HTTP Load Balancing
    TTA040516.pdf). Ie, two real servers, one virtual server, two interfaces,
    one http service, etc.


    And it's all ok until applying layer 4 slb ON (the last command, as in
    Murphy's law). Then, suddenly, the virtual server that had started up goes
    down, the real servers become unreachable and the default gateway no longer
    responds. Few seconds later the timer thread enters into PANIC and restarts
    the alteon.


    And then another problem comes up. After it goes down it won't restart. It
    claims that not all processors are ready and goes down again in an endless
    loop. It needs a power off / power on restart to come up again.


    Can anyone help us (me+alteon) ?



    Best regards


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