[load balancing] Big IP and Load Balance NFS

From: Stephen Smith (ssmithIZZATinsci.com)
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 10:32:20 EDT

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    Trying to load balance NFS. using Big IP 4.5.10 and Solaris 8 Clients and NFS server. Clients 1-5 on separate vlans, NFS vip on Big IP is on its own vlan, NFS servers on their own vlan. All hosts can ping back and forth. NFS mount works but inconsistently, sometimes client 2 and 3 can mount, reboot Big IP and client 2 cannot mount, client 1 can always mount...rpc errors when mounting fails. The setup on the Big Ip looks straight forward. from their docs. Its the Solaris I need help with, can someone point me in the direction of what to look for ?


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