RE: [load balancing] redirecting http to https for secure webapps

From: Winter, R. Stephen (
Date: Fri Jul 09 2004 - 16:55:52 EDT

Hmm... Since the SSL is (I'm assuming) answering on port 443 on the
BigIP, couldn't you create a separate VIP for port 80 that just goes to
a rule instead of the server pool on port 80 that sends them the new
URL. (=port 443) goes to "server pool1" (=port 80) goes to a dead-end rule that
rewrites (no server pool.)
I have never built a rule for redirection, so I may not know what I'm
talking about, but it seems like it should work...


        From: Fletcher Cocquyt []
        Sent: Friday, July 09, 2004 12:35 PM
        Subject: [load balancing] redirecting http to https for secure
        Fellow lb'ers,
        We have a webapp (/secureapp/) that we only want to make
available through https SSL.
        Users trying to access http://site/secureapp/ should be
redirected to https://site/secureapp/
        Given that:
        1) https://site <https://site/> is a BigIP SSL proxied
        2) Apache web servers in the pool only see port 80 coming
from the BigIP (good thing - that means the SSL is offloaded on the
        3) Some apps (/nonsecureapp/) do not require SSL redirect
        How do I best configure this redirect?
        I have seen various options:
        1) Rewrite rules like the one below do not work because
the server port is 80 regardless
        a. RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} !^443$
        b. RewriteRule ^/secret(.*)$$1 [L,R]
        2) BigIP Rules do not seem to work - I get a loop in my
        a. if (http_uri matches_regex "/secureapp/" and
client_port == 80) {
        b. redirect to "https://%h/%u"
        c. }
        3) Setting a Header value in the BigIP Proxy to trigger a
re-write rule seems like it should work, but complicated.
        4) Having the BigIP SSL Proxy point to a new Apache
webserver pool listening on port 81 (something other than 80) and have
the port 80 accesses to /secureapp/ redirect to https://site/secureapp/
        I am thinking of doing option 4 - but thought I'd ask what
others found works best.
        Fletcher Cocquyt
        Senior Systems Administrator

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