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Date: Fri Jul 09 2004 - 10:08:03 EDT

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> I am currently configuring and Alteon 180e. We require
> RADIUS authentication for the administrator on the Box. Has
> anyone performed this before?
> We have built a Microsoft Windows 2003 IAS server for the
> RADIUS server and every time we use a valid set of
> credentials on the RADIUS server to login to the Alteon, the
> message "<username>, Sorry". I can authenticate into enable
> mode on a Cisco router using the same RADIUS server. Is
> there something in the RADIUS server or Alteon that needs
> looking at to get the administrator mode logged in Via Radius?

I tried this and it works :-)
The difference between Alteon and Cisco Radius features is that Alteon does
both Authentication and Autorization.
To do that, Alteon needs the attribute "service-type" set to "Administrator"
(or others Levels) in the Access-Accept packet.
I don't know how you can set this in IAS... good search!


Daniele Besana
IT Virtual Community

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