[load balancing] SMTP health check not working - BLOCKED

From: Yossi Shteingart (yossiIZZATtelemessage.com)
Date: Mon Jul 05 2004 - 05:42:58 EDT

Hello all,


I am trying to load balance SMTP server.

I have 2 servers (one is deliberately not running.


The server grout health check is SMTP

# /cfg/slb/gr 20/health

Current health check type: smtp


Somehow when I run /info/slb/virt 20

I get the following:


Enter virtual server number: (1-256) 20

 20: <A>.<B>.<C>.<D>, 00:60:cf:46:17:6e, dname abc.DomainName.com, NO


    virtual ports:

    smtp: rport smtp, group 20, Smtp, backup none, pbind clientip

        real servers:

         20: Smtp1, backup none, 4414 ms, BLOCKED

         21: Smtp2, backup none, 0 ms, FAILED


Why does the server being BLOCKED, what does it means and is there any way
around this.

P.S. my FASTAGE setting is 7 and the SLOWAGE is 4.

I have raised it a bit since I though this might solve the problem.

I am running AD3 with software version


Ideas anyone?







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