Vedr.: [load balancing] Cisco/Arrowpoint CSS

From: Johnny Fribert Lauridsen (
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 21:49:21 EDT

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    You are not the only one with CSS systems. I have about 25 in my shop.
    And they do a good job at this shop.
    We did have problems with the CSS11800, but after the shift to the
    css11506, we have had no problems.


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            Vedr.: [load balancing] Cisco/Arrowpoint CSS

    Hi Folks,

    I've been a bit of a lurker on the list for a while and I've noticed a bit
    of a trend to date - that being there's a lot of discussion about most
    different brands of loadbalancers, but the mention of Cisco/Arrowpoint CSS
    are very few.

    Does this mean that nobody uses them (except me)? Or do they just run so
    smoothly that nobody ever has any questions about them (certainly not my
    experience so far)?

    Anyhow - I'm curious if the usage of this particular balancer is so low,
    that is? (too many issues, not enough features?)

    So far I've been to Cisco with issues regarding:
    * Multi packet HTTP requests breaking L4 rules
    * Gigabit SNMP counters don't work (apparently this is a "feature" that
    can't fix)
    * Uneven traffic balancing and URL-HASH stickyness not working (until I
    up and powercycled the unit, which fixed it)

    My current heartache is that of the two systems using VRRP to back each
    other up, the backup unit will from time-to-time decide to be the master
    (without the actual master noticing or changing anything) for a couple of
    seconds fo no apparent reason (the critical service does not bounce) and
    then go back to being the backup router, which causes quite a hiccup on
    network. This is with a pair of CSS11800's running 5.00 build 73 of the

    So - I'm curious if how many other CSS users out there that have
    similar issues, or if everyone has shyed away from using the CSS balancers
    either because they are too expensive or too buggy? Or am I the only CSS
    user running into these kinds of issues with this system?



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