Re: [load balancing] F5 vs Netscaler

From: Jeremy Labadie <jlabadie [izzat]>
Date: Wed Jun 11 2008 - 00:21:13 EDT

Hey Cris. I have experience with both F5 and Netscaler. First of all,
I know that there are a lot of people on this email that use both
products, so I don't want to offend anyone, I am just giving my personal
experience. Around 2 years ago we decided it was time to upgrade all of
our load-balancers, which were F5 BigIP's at the time. We called a few
of our sister companies to ask what they were using. Almost all of them
were moving to netscalers. Some of the sister companies were small,
only 2 or 3 load-balancers, others were large, with hundreds of
load-balancers. We decided to call both F5 and Citrix to do a
"bake-off". We immediately had 3 guys from Citrix fly into town the
next day to discuss the possible sale. It took F5 over a month to get
back to us, and keep in mind we were an existing customer. At that
point we were seriously thinking about going with the netscalers, even
before we knew the results of our load-testing. The bake-off was pretty
even. The netscaler was a little better under extremely high load, but
aside from that, they were pretty even. We ended up going with
Netscalers for a few reasons, here they are:

1) Price was significantly lower then F5.

2) Better pricing model (no need for "modules" to purchase, just buy the
platinum license and get everything).

3) Better sales guy (actually acted like they cared, heck, they called
us back).

4) Better support (was one of the sore points with F5 in my opinion).

The switch was not without its pains though. The netscalers definitely
took some getting used to, but that didnt take long. As an F5 guy, I
actually missed the irules, but I was able to get used to the netscalers
policies fairly quickly. Honestly, it could have swung either way if
F5's support and sales were better. If you have really deep pockets,
and do not care about sales and support, go with the F5's. I personally
find the F5's interface a little easier to use, so configuration might
be a little faster and easier. F5 is the leader in the industry, but
I don't think things are going to stay that way for long. Citrix is
right on their heels.

Oh and btw, I am using my netscalers for all of the things you are
looking for.

Cristian Rojas wrote:

> Hi list, I need a LB to do:
> Compression
> Caching
> App Firewall for XSC & SQL Injection
> Has anyone experienced F5 and Netscaler and can recommend either?
> Thanks
> Cris
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