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Date: Fri Jun 27 2003 - 09:05:29 EDT

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    > The akamai/speedera/Digital Island type solutions are all DNS
    > based though, right? They do have tons of edge nodes, though,
    > (by DNS based, I mean they resolve surfing clients requests
    > for information based on network location, availability, so on.
    > This DNS information is still susceptible to caching issues.)
    Yeap you're right.

    > Is internap the only company that helps you provide BGP type
    > multihoming of a company's datacenters? I suppose there are
    > a lot of companies that one could just contract with to provide
    > support for a full blown BGP implementation for a company. It
    > just seemed like Internap provided an easier to implement way
    > of achieving BGP for a company.

    If you want to avoid DNS based solutions, you should avoid the "isp link
    load balancing" appliances (like Radware LinkProof, F5 Link Controller,
    etc), as they are acting "like" bgp for outgoing communications, but use DNS
    tricks for incoming communications.

    I guess almost any serious isp/telco can provide you a internet line and
    configure some bgp to announce your addresses. If you want more information
    on bgp setup and the pre-requisites, feel free to contact me in private
    (we're near off-topic ;-)).

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