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Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 05:06:36 EDT

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    This isnt a problem with your CSS (or any other box) but rather a limitation
    of DNS which is designed for name resolution first and foremost. I am
    looking for a similair solution but have yet to implement as the
    shortcomings as far as I am aware are unresolveable, without commiting to
    services provided by 3rd party carriers/service providers.
    Unless specifically configured otherwise, Windows machines typically cache
    DNS entries until they are restarted. It is common practice for users to
    leave machines on all the time to reduce load against Domain controllers etc
    in Enterprises and proxies are usaually a 24/7 operation, it is even
    recommended that home users leave their machines on to prolong the lifespan
    of components.

    In a nutshell, as far as I know the only viable solution is a single shared
    IP accross all your content locations to resolve the caching issue. Im no
    expert and am early on in my research, but I believe some of the market
    leaders are manufacturing content aware routers. To be effective some form
    of peering is required between carriers, which takes the control "out of
    house", yet another limitation! I think this is the direction you should aim
    your research in. Unfortunately for me in the UK, this has yet to prove a
    profitable venture for the carriers/service providers so im stuck!!!

    but it seems like some clients are caching the IP and thus still going to
    the downed site. Thus some clients get errors half the time when accessing
    our site.

    Is this a known problem with the CSS? Is there a way to get around this

    I would have assumed that any request coming in to the downed site would be
    re-routed to the site that is up, but that doesn't seem to happen.

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