[load balancing] WebLogic 5.1 clustering with CSS11050.

From: Rodrick R. Brown (rrbrownIZZATdcas.nyc.gov)
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 14:01:32 EDT

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    Currently we are clustering with weblogic 5.1 and Cisco CSS11050 right
    now we have Weblogic Cluster configured so we can support "HTTP session
    state clustering using in-memory replication, file system persistence,
    or JDBC persistence" if a server in the weblogic cluster group goes down
    the state can be picked up from another server in the group, is there
    anyway to accomplish with the CSS11050 and disable weblogic clustering
    features? As it is right now in our configuration we have our CSS11050
    in front of our WebLogic cluster farm, I'm not sure if this is just
    putting unnecessary overhead in our setup any clarification or
    whitepapers will be appreciated thank you.

    Rodrick R. Brown (rrbrown[at]dcas.nyc.gov)
    (NYCAPS Project) Systems Engineer
    New York City Automated Personal Systems
    Office: (212)6694711 | Cell: (646)5296338

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