[load balancing] Multicast Alteon

From: Alexandre Lefebvre (alex.lefebvreIZZATorange.fr)
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 16:41:19 EDT

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    I have two network A and B which are connected to one alteon.
    A server A1 on network A send IP Multicast Paquet to (Jini
    The other server on network A see the multicast from the server A1.
    The servers on network B never see the multicast from A1.
    I have add a allow filter based on the destination
    It matches but doesn't see to forward the paquet.
    I have try to add a multicast route via
    The multicast is still not forwarded.
    Is it neccessary to add a route and which one?

    If the route doesn't work, is there something I could do to solve the



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