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Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 15:10:39 EDT

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    Indeed, %u is what I needed. Thanks.
    What page did you find that in the reference guide? I can't find it.

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    Didn't know you could to this, but you can:
    Fallback hosts accept the following (taken from - a great site)

    Format String



    host name, as obtained from the Host: header of the client


    Port, from the virtual server listening port


    URI path, as obtained from a GET/POST request

    Format strings for HTTP redirection

    An example of a fallback host string is https://%h/sample.html. In this
    string, specifying https as the protocol identifier causes the traffic to be
    redirected to that protocol instead of the standard http protocol. Also, the
    string sample.html causes the traffic to be redirected to that URI instead
    of to the standard URI specified in the HTTP header, which would normally be
    represented in the fallback string as %u.

    html#1192188> 4.8 shows some sample redirection specifications, their
    explanations, and their resulting redirection.

    Redirection string


    Resulting redirection


    No redirection (preserve host name, port, and path)



    change path, remove port



    Specify https as protocol, remove port, change path


    Change host name and port, preserve path

    Specify https as protocol, change host name, port, and path

    Specify ftp as protocol, change host name and path


    Specify rtsp as protocol, change port and path


    Glad you found this - I could use it myself.

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    Subject: [load balancing] F5 BIGIP codes for http 302

    I've searched the docs for the codes for a fallback host in a pool.
    I've created a fallback host, and found (just by trial and error) that <>
    returns <>
    Does anyone know the other % codes?
    I'm trying to get the F5 do to this:

    Be pretty odd if a Cisco could do something a BIGIP could not.



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