[load balancing] Alteon Passive Cookies

From: Steven Christall (SChristallIZZATbuildonline.com)
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 20:01:46 EDT

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    Hi all,
    I am now attempting to load balance three servers with Passive Cookie mode.
    I have setup as per the WebOS 10 App Guide, DAM enabled, Metric Hash on
    Group, PBind cookie in Virt
    I am not really sure how to tell if it is working. This is the one area of
    the Alteon that really gets to me .... no decent logs!
    Can anyone tell me where / what to look at?
    One question .. do I need filters enabled for this to work on the client /
    server ports? I take it the cookie sniff is using layer 7 code? I read
    somewhere also that I needed delayed binding .. is this implied as on by the
    config above or do I need to do it somewhere
    Thanks and kind regards
    Steve Christall

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    Subject: [load balancing] Re: ALteon FWLB/SLB/WCR Question?

    We use an Alteon to redirect traffic to 2 Cache Appliances. Refer to the
    redirection filter (below) where
    group 2 is where the 2 Cache devices are defined,
    and metric is hash.
    /cfg/slb/filt XXX
            actio redir
            sip any
            dip Y.Y.Y.Y
            dmask Z.Z.Z.Z
            proto tcp
            sport any
            dport http
            group 2
            rport 80
    With the above config, we only get hit on one Cache device. If I do
    fwlb=en, then I get hits on both which is what we want.
    I want to maximize the Cache hits on both Cache devices and wondering what
    is the best metric to use. Thanks.
    Reply from Henry
    FWLB and WCR normally use redirection filters to forward traffic. By default
    switch will assume you are configuring a WCR filter when you specify
    a filter with proto TCP, dport of http or dport ftp. In this case the
    switch will select a real server based on the DIP.
    In 10.0 you can configure redirection filters to use the following:
    1) SIP
    2) DIP
    3) BOTH
    4) SIP and SPORT
    This is done via the thash command under /cfg/slb/filt xxx/adv
    Prior to and including 10.0 you can configure the switch to use both SIP and
    via the FWLB option under /cfg/slb/filt xxx/adv.
    Basic SLB will use CIP to select a real server when hash is used as the

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    Subject: ALteon FWLB/SLB/WCR Question?

    Hi all,
    Just wondering which part of the configuration on the Alteon determines
    it is FWLB,SLB or WCR since the Alteon hashing method varies depends on the
    type of Load Balancing.
    Regards - Tino

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