[load balancing] ServerIron + NAT == Can't Ping VIP

From: Paul Sharpe (paulIZZATsixapart.com)
Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 22:33:55 EDT

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    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with NAT and ServerIrons.

    My setup basically looks like the NAT based, route pathed, two-armed
    SLB from Tony Bourke's SLB book. Everything works fine, except the
    real servers can't ping the VIPs. They can ping the management IP,
    they can ping their external NAT IP (both of which are on VLAN 1), but
    they can't ping/access the VIPs. I've tried doing this with source-ip
    and with setting up IP forwarding (one VE on each VLAN with an IP in
    that VLAN's subnet).

    The only way the real servers seem to access the net is if I have
    inside NAT turned on (with either source-ip set, or using ip
    forwarding). When this happens, I lose the ability to ping the VIPs.
    If I turn off inside NAT and try to rely on routes & ip forwarding, the
    real servers lose access to the net, but can ping the VIPs.

    I hope this explanation makes sense to you folks, my brain's about to
    explode. :p

    here's some of the relative config info, btw my internal network is

    Here's the route table:

           Destination NetMask Gateway Port Cost
    1 Ve 1 1
    2 <public ip> <public ip mask> Ve 2 1
    3 <router hsrp ip> Ve 2 1

    server virtual web-vip <public ip>
      port ssl sticky
      port http
      bind ssl web1 ssl web2 ssl
      bind http web1 http web2 http
    server virtual app-vip <public ip>
      port smtp
      port ssl sticky
      port http
      bind smtp app1 smtp app2 smtp
      bind ssl app1 ssl app2 ssl
      bind http app1 http app2 http

    vlan 1 name DEFAULT-VLAN by port
       router-interface ve 2
    vlan 2 by port
      untagged ethe 2 ethe 4 ethe 6 ethe 8
       router-interface ve 1

    ip forward
    ip address <public ip info>
    ip nat inside
    ip nat inside source list 1 pool outside
    ip nat pool outside <public nat ip info>
    ip default-gateway <our router's HSRP IP>

    ip policy 1 cache tcp 0 global
    ip policy 2 cache udp 0 global

    interface ve 1
      ip address
    interface ve 2
      ip address <public IP info>

    In desperation, I've tried setting up various routes like:

    to access VIPs:
    ip route <VIP> <netmask>

    or to access the net w/o inside NAT:
    ip route <public ip network>
    ip route <public HSRP ip>

    no go on those either.

    Thanks in advance to any help you folks can give me. :)

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