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From: Philip Goldie (
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 20:15:22 EDT

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    i'll stand corrected on this by people more knowledgeable than i but...

    It's true that WebOS will parse 10 frames or 4500 Bytes for the HTTP Header
    you wish to use, but this is only until an instance has been found. Once
    seen the first instance of the header, we'll make the real server binding
    "flush" the buffer used to hold the stings for parsing. In that same
    stream, if another GET requests is made with a new instance of that Header,
    we'll change the server binding if the header is different.

    This is obviously commonly done for URL parsing in 1.1 where multiple client

    requests need to be parsed and issued to different reals.

    Like I say, it would be useful for someone more technical to verfy.


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    We plan to use feature of "Header Hash Load Balancing" in AD3 to balance
    traffic. The header of "Authorization" or "User-Agent" will be hashed. But
    we were informed that if HTTP1.1 (persistant connection) is used, only first
    10 packets or first 4500 bytes of traffic will be analysised. The real
    server binding will be made basing on the header of first 10 packets or
    first 4500 bytes. Then the rest of traffic will be directed to that server
    always. Is that true ?

    If answer is postive, is there any other work around solution. The cookie is
    not allowed to use in our case.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Nice Weekend,

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