[load balancing] NetStructure 7180 - Logging

From: Seth P. Low (lowIZZATmodog.com)
Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 16:13:09 EDT

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        I am hoping someone on this list uses an Intel NetStructure 7180 and
    has run into a similar problem. For reporting and security reasons, I
    have enabled logging on the web servers being serviced by the 7180.
    However, the source IP of all the hits is (of course) when looking at
    the web server logs is the IP of the NetStructure. I have looked at the
    logging options on the NS 7180 and am not finding an obvious way to get
    the true source IP, requested URL and other values that would be
    helpful. Can anyone suggest a way around this issue? Thanks. -Seth

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