[load balancing] CSS and CSM experiences

From: CLARET CARVALHO (claretcIZZATcomcast.net)
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 19:45:11 EDT

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        We have used a couple of Big-IP in our networks and have been
    rather pleased with their performance. In looking to consolidate some
    of the network hardware and perhaps move to a single vendor, we have
    begun to evaluate the CSS 11506 and CSM/SSM blades in our lab. I just
    thought i ask the group for their overall production experiences with
    these appliances/switches for balancing server apps such as IBM
    WebSphere, Net8/Net9 and Citrix, conducting L7 health monitoring and
    even SSL persistence.

        Any user experiences with the SSL offloading/GSS on these devices
    are also much appreciated offline as we are fairly new to these

    Claret Carvalho
    email: claretcIZZATcomcast.net

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